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About DirectSmile Hong Kong

At DirectSmile Hong Kong, we believe that happiness is priceless. Therefore, it is our goal to create gifts that make everybody SMILE.

Established in 2009, DirectSmile focuses on developing innovative ideas, gifts and premiums. Relying on advanced technology developed by our own department in Germany, most of our products can be personalized with your custom images to bring a unique experience for the recipients.


Spread your love and smiles to everyone around you with DirectSmile Hong Kong!

Managing Company: Corporate Press (HK) Limited

Founded in 1991, Corporate Press is a provider of offset and digital-printing solutions based in Hong Kong. Our clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational corporations and government departments.

Corporate Press is your one-stop provider that specializes in offering high-quality and premium customized printing solutions. Our services range from printing materials (such as magazines, books and corporate brochures), to producing media kits, direct mailings and trade-fair/event collateral and supplying event materials such as event backdrops, banners and gifts.


Corporate Press also helps organizations and independent writers to launch their self-publishing materials.

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